YSRCP secretly follow the strategies of Janasena?


The YSRCP opposition party, Jagan Mohan Reddy, visits the PA on behalf of Padha Yatra. Analysts who follow the recent developments of this party decide a strange but interesting thing.

According to these political analysts, the YSRCP and its leader now follow the same Janasena strategies. They support their claims by giving numerous examples of naming the stage to people who walk for the status of a special category. Many did not believe that some of Janasena’s hardcore supporters claimed that YSRCP had copied the movements of their party.

But if we look closely, the claims of these analysts and followers of Janasena are real. When Chief Janasena Pawan Kalyan played Ganga Pooja to start his Uttarandhra tour, Jagan now plays Godavari Pooja in Godavari East District.

Not only that, when Pawan Kalyan for the first time in recent politics mentioned the stages of his speeches on Anantapur with local leaders, Jagan repeated the same in the completed tour of his Northern AP. In addition, Pawan who called for a lakh youth march as the protest against the BJP because she had given no special status.

YSRCP now applies the same in his Padha Yatra. It is rather surprising that YSRCP, intentionally or in order to copy a successful strategy, follows the path of Janasena. Jagan with a mission to dethrone Babu and become CM continues his tour in Godavari districts while Janasenani took a break for Ramadan. a maximum of his personal safety belongs to Muslims. He will continue his journey from next Monday in the Vizag district.

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