Volkswagen Revealed A New I.D. Concept At Geneva Auto Show


Volkswagen will visit the international Geneva Motor Show to present its first autonomous vehicle platform in the form of a new concept that the I.D. VIZZION1.

This is according to a press release from the website of the company on February 19. Represent the fourth entry in the I.D. from the company. Vehicle family, the VIZZION1 is intended to show the capabilities of Volkswagen’s efforts with technology in recent months and years.

In addition, the company says it provides a deeper insight into the direction of these efforts, with the aim to create a maximum of 20 fully electric vehicles by 2025. Although the car show does not Just on 8 March 18 March, Volkswagen has provided at least some details to generate enthusiasm for the concept.

To begin with, as already mentioned, this concept is representative of the ID. platform itself instead of being a replica of a specific vehicle that users can expect in the near future.

The family vehicles will cover the range of vehicle types, from compact cars such as the Volkswagen Golf to those in the minibus category (multi-purpose vehicles). The concept car presented during the Geneva event will even fall into the latter category.

The general goal of the platform is to create a series of vehicles that are controlled by speech and gestures. There is no steering wheel and no visible operation with the I.D. VIZZION1, with the emphasis on safety, efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

The company says I.D. The vehicles will serve as digital drivers, in the sense that they have to open transport options for those who can not currently drive, regardless of their age or other restrictions.

In addition, the functions will adapt to the preferences of individual drivers on the basis of a digital profile. Unfortunately, Volkswagen has not provided many details about the technologies behind the platform and these will probably be revealed at the auto show. However, the specific I.D The concept VIZZION1 presented in Geneva would have a power system of 225 kW, with a top speed of about 111 mph – about 180 km / h.

The lithium-ion batteries have an effective range of approximately 413 miles (665 km), taking into account regenerative braking. The platform is powered by two separate electric motors that work in tandem to drive energy through a four-wheel drive system.

Finally, the I.D. The range of vehicles officially has a planned starting window after this announcement. Volkswagen says that the first compact on the platform – for the moment only ID-styled, for now – will launch in 2020. This will be followed by an entry in the SUV segment with what the company currently ID CROZZ and the segment calling minibusses with the ID BOURDONNER.

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