Virat Kohli Shows His New Hairstyle in Anticipation of the New Season-IPL-2018


The Indian skipper Virat Kohli enjoys his free time and he seems to make the best of a new hairstyle. Kohli unveiled his new look for the new season of the Indian Premier League.

Kohli placed the photo of his new look on his official Twitter account. “Supercup-head style @AalimHakim”, he praised the celebrity-hairdresser Aalim Hakim on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Kohli was spotted in a tattoo studio and it seemed that he was getting ready to add another tattoo to his collection. The Indian captain has a ‘monastery’ on his forearm, symbol of a place with peace and strength.

The back of his forearm carries the god Shiva in meditation with Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar as a backdrop, a place where Lord Shiva meditates.

On his biceps, he has a samurai warrior. On the other hand, he has inked the name of his parents in Hindi, as well as his ODI number and his test number.On his shoulder, we can notice “the eye of God”, which has a small negative space by changing to “Om”.

In a YouTube video, which went online in 2016, Kohli said he would like to be linked and that tattoos on his arm would be synchronized with him.He was equipped with the recently completed Nidahas trophy. India led by Rohit Sharma lifted the trophy after defeating Bangladesh against 4 wickets on Sunday.

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