Unmarried little girl who is over 18 can get maintenance support from father: High Court rule.


An unmarried little girl is qualified for guarantee support from her dad even in the wake of achieving the age of 18 if her parents are separated or irritated, the Bombay High Court has ruled.

Additionally, a lady can document an application for the benefit of her real little girl to look for upkeep, Justice Bharti Dangre administered yesterday.

The high court was hearing an appeal documented by a city-based lady testing the family court’s request rejecting her application looking for upkeep from her alienated spouse for the couple’s 19-year-old girl.

The couple, which got hitched in 1988, got isolated in 1997. Their three youngsters – two young men and one young lady – lived with the mother.

Till the time the kids were minors, their dad paid a month to month upkeep for every kid to their mom. After the girl crossed 18 years old, her father refuses to pay maintenance for her.

Her mom, in her appeal to the high court, guaranteed that however her little girl had achieved lion’s share, she was still fiscally subject to her as she was seeking after advanced education.

The lady likewise said that her two children were not in a situation to assist, as one of them was reimbursing his training credit and the other was yet to land a position.

The lady, who is getting a month to month maintenance of Rs 25,000 from her significant other, looked for extra Rs 15,000 for the little girl.

The family court dismissed her request, saying that under area 125 (1) (b) of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), support is to be paid just for minor youngsters.

justice Dangre said in her deciding that according to the CrPC a noteworthy kid is entitled to support just on the off chance that he or she can’t keep up herself or himself because of any physical or mental issue.

Be that as it may, past judgments of Supreme Court and high courts have held that an unmarried girl can likewise look for upkeep in the event that she isn’t monetarily free (regardless of whether she doesn’t experience the ill effects of any handicap), the judge noted. She coordinated the Principal Judge of the family court to consider the candidate’s case once again.

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