Top ten Investment Banks in the World


How did square measure investments banks rank? whereas there may be many criteria, the simple ones to appear at square measure the revenue numbers, world reach, worker headcount, income, etc.

Investment banking could be a stream of banking that would mainly focus on capital funding for the world and for the native businesses, people, and even governments. These heterogeneous finance necessities may be within the variety of equity/debt commerce, providing bonds, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio management, etc.

Here this article lists the highest ten full-service world investment banks, with a short introductory description and up to date financial gain details of every, supported a mix of the above-named parameters. though investment banks have lots of additional functions like retail banking, which can not essentially fall at intervals investment banking area, the list below indicates the highest rated banks and their numbers as a full. Details specific to investment banking division square measure enclosed, supported out there knowledge as of February 2018.

S.No Bank
1 Goldman Sachs (GS)
2 JP Morgan Chase (JPM)
3 Barclays (BCS)
4 Bank of America Corporation (BAC)
5 Morgan Stanley (MS)
6 Deutsche Bank (DB)
7 Citigroup (C)
8 Credit Suisse (DHY)
9 UBS Group AG (UBS)
10 HSBC Holdings plc (HSBC)

The top list doesn’t rank in any specific order. excluding the top list, their area unit is different establishments – like Nomura, Warburgs, BNP Paribas, RBS, Wells urban center, etc. – that too area unit massive sized money corporations operative in investment banking house at regional and world levels.

Source: Investopedia

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