TFC Member Pawan Kalyan Responded And complaints Against Sri Reddy


Sri Reddy has been touring social media for several weeks. What started as a controversial YouTube video soon became a sensation in the Telugu states. The actress continued to comment sensationally on the casting couch in the Telugu film industry. She claimed that almost all Tollywood heroines had put themselves at risk by sleeping with producers and others to get movie offers.

Sekhar Kammula became her last target after she accused him of a womanizer and someone who always wandered around like a Ghoorkha in front of her house.

In the beginning, only a few media companies entertained Sri Reddy and even organized live shows at primetime. While Sri Reddy’s remarks were overwhelmed, many took their support from the actress.

In response, Pawan Kalyan, a member of the Telugu Chamber of Cinema, filed a lawsuit against Sri Reddy with the police in charge of cybercrime. In his complaint, he stated that “his comments on various movie stars and Tollywood Film Industry on social media damage and worsen the image of Telugu Film Industry, I ask the police to take action quickly on cybercrime.”

After having assessed the complaint, the cyber crime police sent her to legal experts The police assured that they would take action on the advice of the legal experts.

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