Sri Reddy Reveals Natural Star Nani’s Character-Sri Reddy’s Another Sensation in Tolly Wood


Sri Reddy’s remarks social media are actually taking ceaselessly the true serenity from the Tollywood big names. The actor has officially taken out the names of some producers┬ásons, in others as a part of ‘Sri Leaks‘. In her most recent Facebook post, she focused on Natural Star ‘, Nani‘.

Her post in social media, ‘you are a characteristic performer on screen as well as, in actuality. You target individuals candidly and think of motivating stories. The truth of the matter is that you play dramatization before individuals. You have to take in a ton from other star legends like Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, Jr NTR. You are demonstrating your disposition towards up and coming executives. They don’t have any inner self, and you have a considerable measure of mentalities. You have fu**ed numerous young ladies vag*nas. Be that as it may, be cautious. God will rebuff you one day without a doubt’.

A few days ago when she alluded to Sekhar Kammula by implication, the executive reacted and cautioned of a strict legitimate activity. It will intrigue whether Nani will react to these remarks are currently. In the event that Sri Reddy can demonstrate the charges she has made, it is probably going to send the Telugu Film Industry downtown.

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