With the support of Villagers, a man has taken his wife his feet for 12Km to the ambulance to take the eighth-month-old tribal woman to the hospital. The incident took place in the remote tribal area of Vijayanagara district of Andhra Pradesh.


Jindamma (22) of Girajana Thanda tried to take her to hospital after the pain started. The absence of proper transportation route to the hospital was brought to the bamboo chariot by the villagers by the villagers from the forest route to the ambulance. But when she had already delivered a baby on her way, the baby died before the ambulance arrived. Zindamma also suffered severe bleeding. After about 12 km walked in Parvatipuram ITDA hospital by ambulance.

It is currently being treated at Jantomma Hospital. Before that, she had two children. It is noteworthy that for the third time, the baby is dead when he is not treated timely. This is an eternal place in remote tribal areas.

The available medicine, proper transportation facilities, or disadvantages. Recently, Janasana President Pawan Kalyan visited these areas. He alleged that political parties did not care for the tribals here. The governments in power in remote areas have failed to provide infrastructure. Janeena is expected to contest from this region in the next election.

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