Points to know before linking aadhar cards to bank accounts


The government had antecedently mandated, by reportage bound rules within the context of the apply of cash lavation, charged to bind all bank accounts to Associate in Nursing Aadhaar range before New Year’s Eve, 2017. and conjointly aforementioned that any new accounts that might be opened to own Aadhaar data already joined to accounts.

On Dec thirteen, today, the govt. modified the previous notification. currently there’s no point in time for linking bank accounts to Aadhaar range. rather than locution that the house owners of a checking account should submit “Aadhaar range and therefore the permanent account number” before New Year’s Eve, 2017, “send the Aadhaar range and therefore the fastened account range or kind – sixty to anounced date. are notified by the central government. ”

The fascinating issue is that no new date has been entered. In different words, today’s amendment implies that the govt. can most likely propose a brand new point in time for linking checking account ranges to Aadhaar number.

– except for currently the point in time is New Year’s Eve (there is confusion regarding this). which can stay thus till the govt. announces a brand new point in time. Ideally, the govt. ought to have reported a brand new point in time these days to confirm clarity and confusion. sadly, confusion and lack of clarity are some things the govt. apparently likes once it involves Aadhaar. Some folks might even say that for the sake of clarity, it’s a part of the shivery ways of forcing folks to link their Aadhaar card to everything. For the instant, it’ll even be potential that just in case of gap a brand new checking account, you may be asked to submit Associate in Aadhaar card.

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