Nithin’s Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Genuine Review


Chal Mohan Ranga:

Release Date: 5th April 2018, Director: Krishna Chaitanya

Music Director: SS Thaman

Production Company: Sreshth

Movies Starring : Nithiin and, Megha Akash.

Chal Mohan ranga ‘has a predictable storyline, but overrun with Trivikram marking witty dialogues and punches everywhere. As the film begins, Mohan Ranga’s struggle to get an American visa is portrayed. After he has Visa, he visits the US and meets Megha by chance.

During a road trip, while interacting more with Megha, love blossoms between them. The entire first half is situational comedy and links more with NRIs. The second half, after the lead pair has gone to coonor (Ooty), there are three non-stop comic sequences that form the core of this film.

There are many dialogues that appear to have Trivikram signs. Unless someone tells you that Trivikram has not written it, you will consider it as Trivikram dialogues. Is it influence or ghost work? The love course did not work much, because the focus remained on comedy alone.

There are no high or low moments in the film, the script runs in a flat chart. “Peddha Puli” a Hyderabadi anthem is striking in terms of songs. Miami song is also peppy and youthful. The rest of the songs were good for sound but could have been better on the screen. Director Krishna Chaitanya has been in charge of dialogues and in the comic segment.

In films dealing with the story of NRIs, it often lacks the psyche of NRI. But in this film dialogues or around NRI’s woven scenes are suitable. However, the love track between the leading couple is where the director can not make his own mark and thus remains pale.

Production values of Pawan Kalyan’s creative PK & soda films are good. S.S.Thaman music is decent. Cinematographer Natty did a good job and recorded well in slippery locations in New York, Miami.

Rating: 4.3/5. From 3 votes.
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