Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review, Actor Nani, Anupama Parameswaran


Krishnarjuna Yuddham has 158 minutes.


Casting: Nani, Anupama Parameswaran, Rukshar Mir

The film tells two different stories, led by Krishna (Nani) and Arjun (Nani). Krishna strives to be a Casanova in her village in Chittoor District, but happiness is never on her side. On the other hand, Arjun, a rock star who lives in Prague, has mastered the art of flirting with women. One day, Krishna meets Riya (Rukshar) and Arjun meets Subbalakshmi (Anupama), and the rest of the story tells how their lives mingle.

It is clear that Merlapaka Gandhi, who has written and directed the film, wants you to see how different Krishna and Arjun are. Krishna is a fool, but Arjun is an arrogant fellow.

Krishna is rejected by every woman from his village, Arjun gets someone he wants. Krishna lives somewhere in Chittoor in a village, Arjun lives in Prague. Krishna is brave, but Arjun is reluctant to let go of violence. Krishna falls in love with a girl but does not tell her about her love, but Arjun reproaches a girl that she has understood her life.

So good. But there is a big problem with the story that still jumps from a village to Prague and vice versa. There is hardly a moment when you keep sticking to the story and just when things seem to be in place, we are forced to look at another story that unfolds at the same time.

And to make matters even more complicated, Gandhi needs more than an hour to set up the main conflict in his story. Until then, the only thing we get is the spool behind the role of how Krishna and Arjun slowly try to impress the women they fall in love with. The only character who is very endearing in all this drama is that Krishna and Nani are completely at ease when he plays this specific role. His Chittoor accent and comic timing are excellent.

In contrast, it is difficult to understand Nani as Arjun, who is more like a stranger in a European city. Anupama Parameswaran plays a photographer, strong and stubborn. She keeps avoiding Arjun because she is a Casanova and she wants to prove to him that she is not like all the other girls he has met so far. After a while, when Arjun’s untiring efforts to condemn her to become dull, you wonder if their under-plot will end soon. Suddenly you start to miss Krishna and Riya, because let’s be honest, in the larger diagram, these are the only two characters that give you the impression that there is hope. Rukshar does a good job as a city girl who goes to her village on vacation.

Make no mistake – Krishnarjuna Yuddham does not refer to the above-mentioned characters. And once the conflict has been established, which will completely change the story again, everything that seemed boring until now appears to be the USP of the film. The film deals with a larger problem that brings everyone together. However relevant the background is, it does not translate as a cinematic experience.

Forget about the movie that turns into a scary thriller in the second half, where the characters have to run against time, no matter how we feel about the film. The only thing he manages to achieve is to set a new record in terms of the number of times you’ve watched your watch. It does not stop. Time has not felt so costly for a long time.
To pay tribute, Krishnarjuna Yuddham has many beautiful images, thanks to her warm tones and a soothing color palette, and the director of photography Karthik deserves his honor for his work. The visual style does not add much to the narrative and emotional depth of the characters, but the saturated greens and yellow on the screen make the film at least acceptable.

On the one hand there is an idea that the film has all the necessary elements – very different characters, a conflict, a problem that it tries to tackle – to make a fascinating drama, but on the other hand, the image that I am in the cinema, I do not know what to do with the film, because it struggles to find its rhythm and does not construct the drama effectively. Maybe this film should only be about Krishna and Riya. Perhaps it should have been given the name “Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha”, which is the name of another film with Nani in the lead. Maybe Gandhi added too much to the broth to make the story heavier. Maybe he did not have to change so quickly and regularly between being endearing and being boring. It is a series of choices that could have been different, but that is it.

Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
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