Anchor made sensational remarks about the Tollywood sex rocket. She said she thought the sexual bickering in the United States was good when she came to light the throwing couch. Just like “Engagement” in Tollywood is asked to accept “shopping” in America? Said the laughter. She told me that everything was good for shopping.

The practice of loyalty has also traditionally been raised. As an anchor, I got married in America when I was in a good position. I am here to say that I have worked in India. She said that working in the media laughed as if I was wrong.

“A few months have passed here, one of his months has stayed there, fortunately, let the youngest, the old have it wrong, that’s what they want to give, I go here to any event, because the worst corners and the big players in the game, “laughter said.

I know that the great artist I know went to America. Now she makes the second heroine as the great heroine. Proudly he said that he had earned Rs 80 lakh in a month. It is more than his remuneration. ”

Most artists come here for events. But stay on stage. They will quickly go to the hotel rooms. Most is spent. She said loudly that she had come to her room.

“One of the New Jerseyers comes with photos and videos with larger artists, he told me that I slept with bigger anchors, nine is anthrault, if he did not come to me, he would not be able to go to the station in America. Since then there has been no event, this bad experience can not participate in the events.

A manager contacted me when my children saw my picture with her husband. Messenger has been posted. You are very good, why did you give me in the movies and did we send them to you? Moodles must be put on photos. I said it was not enough. Laughter said Facebook’s profile had now been removed.

I took part in events for the first time. But the organizers did not behave correctly here. Once you have given me an organizer. That is why I no longer call. We send our performance link in Watsap. Soon comes a message with the name AELVUVU. We can understand that. The bride-in-law told Aalwavu that she could understand what she wanted.

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