2505 Womens Break World Skinny Dip Guinness Record


2505 Irish women, dressed on the beach and dug out in the bald sea. The Guinness world record began to swim without hiccups. On behalf of ‘Skinny Dip,’ every Saturday is a good goal after swimming. They donate the amounts for cancer children.

In 2015, 786 women took part in this Skinny Dip in Western Australia. This is the world record so far, and Irish women recently stopped at Magheramore Beach.

Dee Featherstone, an idea from Dublin, had to get the money out of swimming in the open sea. She broke her breast in 2013 due to breast cancer. She started the program briefly a few weeks later. Already 1.57 million euros has been financed by Skinny Deep.

I never dressed like that except my husband. But a woman named Betson said she had done it with other women for a great job. Jimmy Norman and Mick Rochford will receive the charity of Avoiebien Pink Tie, the founder of this year. Avoibeyan was diagnosed with cancer more than 8 years ago. A pink tie was established in his memorial.

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