Whatsapp Updated Features For Android- Media and New Contact Shortcut


The popular IM application from Watsap has offered its users a great function. With the new feature, “Media visibility”, users can view open photos and videos in Watsap without having to appear in the phone gallery.

In this case, users must have access to the Settings, Data and Storage section of Watsap to remove the check from the option under Media Visibility. Watsap photos and videos are not visible in the phone gallery.

If you want to see them again, check the box for the same option. As always, all media appear in the phone gallery. Currently, this feature is only available to users who use the Beta version of Whatsapp on Android. All users will soon have this function in its entirety.

Another new feature is available for those who use Watsap in iOS. This feature has been provided to users of Apple phones as “New Contact Shortcut.” With this function, you can easily create new contact numbers. In order to obtain this function, IOS needs to update Watsap to the new version.

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