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Since Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the instant messaging application service has been constantly getting updated with new features and optimizations. Now, there are some changes in the application with the beta testers of the application.
WhatsApp new update brings a new

Picture in Picture (PiP) mode in their application and a new option to respond privately in a group. Apart from these important additions, there is a new Shake to report function, press to unblock the user function and invite via the link function.

These new features have been launched for most beta testers and are expected to be deployed in the stable release in the coming months.
Let’s take a look at the new features one at a time:
Picture-in-Picture Mode (PiP Mode) for Video Calls: This new feature allows users to continue with a WhatsApp video call in a small format. The floating window can be placed according to the needs of the user. Currently, the user can not leave the conversation without pausing the video. The app also allows the user to play videos in the floating window.
Private replies in Groups: Members of a WhatsApp group discussion can reply privately. To access this option, simply press the small arrow in the upper right corner of the message and choose the option “Reply privately”.
Tap to unblock: the name itself says , this new feature allows the user to unblock a contact by long pressing the contact and sending a message to the contact.
Invite via the link : This feature allows the administrator of a WhatsApp group to invite someone to the group by sending a link to the group. With this method, the new participant can be added directly into the group.
Shake to report: Using the device’s sensors, this feature opens the Contact Us section in the app to report any inconsistencies.

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