‘I Want Deepika Padukone’s Head… Saved,’ Kamal Haasan tweet



Actor Kamal Haasan, who is preparing for a political career, weighed Tuesday on the controversy over the Bollywood film Padmavati and he wanted to “save” the head of Deepika Padukone. His tweet was in response to a shocking official reaction Haryana BJP on Sunday and announced a 10crore bonus on the head of Ms. Padukone, who plays the role of the 13th-century queen, and the director of the film, Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

The commentary Surajpal Amou, the BJP’s main media coordinator in Haryana, added to the threats of violence by Rajput groups, who claim that the film distorts the story and the legendary Queen Rajput Padmini in an offensive way represented.

Politicians through enforcement by party lines have called for the ban of Rs. 200 crores films, whose release, scheduled for December 1, has been postponed by its producers.
Rajput Sena Karni, who is spearheading protests in different cities said they would punish Deepika Padukone over how Ravana Lakhshman Surpanakha’s sister in the epic Ramayana chided – by cutting off his nose. Their shocking remark was also approved by Mr. Amu. Ms. Padukone’s safety has already been strengthened.

Following the BJP’s request in a statement, Amu said he had made the statement as “Rajput” and not as a party leader. He also added that he sticks firmly to his statement.

Hasaan, who recently announced plans to form his own political party, has repeatedly criticized not only the AIADMK decision in TamilNadu but also the BJP. Asked about his political affiliations, he said: “My color is clearly visible in 40 years, I work in the cinema, and he is not a saffron.

His tweets against the AIADMK in recent weeks are becoming clearer, which has resulted in frequent warnings from several ministers. In August, a minister threatened to sue him when he said that everyone has to deal with corruption in Tamil Nadu.

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