Thrak-Trivikram’s Next Movie Updates


The current Taarak-Trivikram from Arawinda Sametha flies at the speed of a rocket. The recent update of the manufacturers leaves the fans in the biggest disorder. This film has taken the time to start, despite last year’s launch. However, after starting regular filming, there are no stopping manufacturers. The work ethics and speed of Taarak have accelerated the slow work of Trivikram. The result is the completion of two fast programs within two months with a large action series.

Even in the new program, the protagonists can record romantic sequences and soon the whole team will go to Europe for songs. In the meantime, Trivikram did a number of actors who ended their task of dubbing their characters.

Already some comedians like Srinivas Reddy have completed his role. In addition to the protagonists, the director ensures that everyone completes his dubbing before or after his European program so that the film is ready and released for Dussehra.

This film is funded by S Radha Krishna under the creations Haarika and Hassine. Banner. Pooja Hegde is the female star and Sunil is eager to join as a comedian with the help of his good friend Trivikram.

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