Telangana woman chained and locked up by her inlaws – Saved by TS Police


HYDERABAD: A young woman detained and held in a Telangana town was rescued today after neighbors informed the police. Geetha, 25, told the police that her brothers and sisters had detained her for months and subjected her to terrible torture.
Geetha, when she was saved, was found with her arms tied behind her back with a chain and padlock.
“They kept me chained, they gave me two days of chili powder with rice, they gave me torn clothes and never let me out of the house,” Geetha said. She claimed that her family did not even allow her to use the restroom.
We do not know yet how long they have been locked up. The family has moved to Jagtiyal district a few days ago, 200 km from Hyderabad.
The young woman says she graduated and worked as a teacher when she was imprisoned. The 25-year-old was quite consistent when she told her story and identified her brothers, but refused to acknowledge her mother.
The family claims that Geetha is mentally unstable. Ramesh, one of her brothers, said that when she was released, she would run the house and cause inconvenience.
The police have filed a complaint against the family and accused him of illegal imprisonment and unwarranted reluctance.
The case, according to the police, was investigated. “If she is mentally unstable, we will bring her under the Madness Act and send her to Hyderabad for treatment,” said Ananth Sharma, a senior police officer from Jagtiyal, where the woman was rescued.
Geetha, the police said, is now being transferred to a hospital in Hyderabad for assessment and treatment.

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