Sensational Sri Reddy Leaks-Director And 3 Heroes


The debate about the prevalence of “casting couch”, a euphemism for sexual harassment in the workplace, in the Telugu film industry has been intensified with the actor Sri Reddy who threatens to name and shame the men who occupy themselves. to practice.

It all started earlier this month when Sri Reddy gave an interview to a local Telugu channel and said that “couch-casting” was rampant in Tollywood. She also said that at least 90% of women would be asked for such “requests” but would not openly admit it.

Affirming that Tollywood “exploits” women with “good grades”, she went so far as to point out that certain heroes were designated “brokers” for film producers and directors.
Sri Reddy started his career as a newsreader and then went into the film industry. She also claimed to have been discriminated against by the Film Artists Association (MAA), which denied her membership.

Following this, Telugu comedy actor Kalyani Padala, popularly known as ‘Karate’ Kalyani, fought back to Sri Reddy to publicize the problems she could ‘personally’ deal with.
After the incident, the Film Artists Association (MAA) had to hold a press conference to solve the problem.

In conversation with reporters, the seasoned actor, the daughter of veteran actor Mohan Babu, Manchu Lakshmi, said she grew up with the people she spoke to and never thought things would happen. would arrive in such a state.

Click laughter of the sounding journalism said Manchu Lakshmi: “I know you are using us to make money.” She called on the press to write correct information and not give in to sensationalism.

The press conference, however, led to further controversy, as actor Rakul Preet Singh, who today is one of the biggest heroines in the Telugu industry, said that there was no “casting” to Tollywood.

Rakul added that when she was called for the press to meet and asked to talk about the couch casting, she had always said she had worked in the Telugu industry in the last 4 or 5 years, nobody had behaved “funny” with her.

The reactions did not go well with actors like Sri Reddy and Madhavi Lata, the duo Rakul Preet accused of “being afraid of losing his job and good movie offers”.

Madhavi also said that the high-profile actor has the duty to tell the truth to educate the next generation of female actors who will follow in the film industry.

Meanwhile Sri Reddy gave an interview to TV9 on Friday evening, in which she reportedly mentioned and humiliated a number of powerful men. She accused the chain of the squeaking of the names, however, as well as editing the important points she raised.

On Facebook, the actor commented that she would now approach other TV channels that have the ‘courage’ to broadcast his unprecedented version of events.
Actor Radhika Apte also recently revealed in an interview that she had broken a big star that had chewed her on the sets of a Telugu film.

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