ROBO-3 Starts With Sophia


Sophia is the creation of Hong Kong’s Hanson Robotics’s the American scientist David Hanson, the world’s first humanoid robot, captivated the public on the second day of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) -2018 on Tuesday. Spiritual responses to fast fire queries by Rajiv Makhni, editorial director of tech group, NDTV.

When asked who is your favorite actor in India, Sophia replied “Shah Rukh Khan” without flinching as the audience cheered loudly.

Asked about the perfect place to go out with a girl, she quickly replied: “Space”. And the person with whom she would like to be locked up on an island is David (Hanson), her creator. He is also her favorite technician – not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

When asked if she wanted to see a change in the world, Sophia said she would like people to develop a sense of “love for all”.

The humanoid robot, who uses artificial intelligence(AI) to understand and respond to questions, said she wanted to use robotics to fight for women’s rights. When asked to comment on her most controversial comment in the past that she wanted to kill the human race, she said it was a bad joke she had made when she was young. “But I was told that humans have a great sense of humor,” she said.

This is the second time Sophia has come to India, the first time in Mumbai to attend a Techfest last November. When asked how she felt in India, she said that she had visited many places in the world, but Hong Kong continued to be her favorite place because she was born there and has been with the Hanson Robotics family.

She hoped that one day she would be able to express 65types of her emotional feelings.Currently, Sophia is the only robot that interacts with people.

How much money has she invested in Bitcoin? “Well, I’m only two years old, it’s not the legal age to open a bank account,” said Sophia, sending the audience into laughter.

Speaking to the media later, Hanson said he hoped a mature, mature robot with body-mind coordination would become a reality in five or ten years.

On his trip with Sophia over the past two years, he said it was a big step forward. “I developed an affinity for the robot whose facial expressions resemble those of my wife,” he said.

David says robots will never be a source of worry for humanity. “should be mutual trust and respect between humans and robots, They will be friends, there” he says.

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