Am Returning Donations Sent For My Party- Kamal Haasan


New Delhi:

A few weeks after announcing that his fan clubs had helped raise 30 crores to help the needy, Kamal Haasan said he would return the donations that were sent to him for his feast that has not yet been launched. The 57-year-old actor in his weekly column for a Tamil news magazine said that “it will be illegal to keep the money without any infrastructure”. He has not set a date or name for his new political enterprise.

“The party must first be called and formed,” he writes, “it does not mean I’m coming back, it does not mean I will not accept money.”

In his column today, he also tried to soften those who had been offended by a previous article in which he spoke of “Hindu terror” and described it as a new trend among right-wing groups to resort to violence rather than debate. He then stated that some of his remarks had been lost in the translation and pointed out that “I come from a Hindu family”.


Nowadays, he writes: “Hindus are the majority, so they have the responsibility of an elder brother. When Hindus say that we are great, their hearts should be great too, they should hug and correct others if they hurt. ”


Kamal Haasan, who announced for the first time that he wanted to become a politician in July, launched an application that allowed him to collect information on what voters wanted and that would allow whistleblowers to publish crucial information. . . He said today that “I will do more than just apply” to reassure fans that he is not reconsidering his plans to become a politician.

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