Rajinikanth “i have one unfulfilled dream” 2.0 audio launch


Rajinikanth “i have one unfulfilled dream” 2.0 audio launch

Rajinikanth launched the music of his upcoming movie 2.0 in Dubai on Friday. Here everything has arrived.
Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, Bollywood actors Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar, director Shankar and Oscar-winning music composer A R Rahman are coming for the audio launch of the upcoming version of flick 2.0 on Thursday in Dubai. (PTI)

The highly anticipated audio launch of superstar Rajinikanth 2.0, which took place on Friday night in Dubai, was just an unforgettable experience. The event was organized by RJ Balaji, Rana Daggubati and Karan Johar who turned and spoke in three languages ​​to keep and hear the audience. The event began with an AV on the film and gave the audience a glimpse of the world of Rs. 400 crore magnum opus 2.0, released over the Republic Day weekend next year. Taking the effort to organize the event, it is obvious that the creators managed to demonstrate that the 2.0 is the next most important film of India, and this was repeated by the host throughout the evening.

The famous director P. Vasu was one of the first guests to approach the meeting and says “After working several times with the superstar Rajinikanth, Chandramukhi is remembered most of all” In his speech, he talked about his first memories with a superstar, and also said that director Shankar has no competition because he is competing with himself and his own work. After the speech of a few other guests, the audience witnessed a magnificent performance of a group of dancers who shook the best hits of the combination of Shankar and Rahman.

Abbas Tyrewala, who wrote the texts and dialogues for the Hindi version of the film, congratulated Shankar for inspiring his films. A representative of Tau Films, one of the VFX companies working on the film, said the 2.0 was the hardest job to date. He added that they were working very hard to solve Shankar’s vision and bring magic to the screen. According to VFX supervisor Srinivas Mohan, 11 studios from around the world are working to make the 2.0 offer viewers the best visual impact experience. When Anthony’s editor was speaking, he surprised everyone by confirming that the film was only 2 hours and 20 minutes long, making it Shankar’s short film. Most of Shankar’s films last almost three hours, but he made an exception of 2.0 because it is a 3D film and the public will have a hard time wearing 3D glasses and watching a movie for a long time .

When it was Superstar Rajinikanth turn to speak, the crowd became berserk and everyone was on their feet. The facilitator RJ Balaji asked him how he felt he had completed 40 years in the industry.

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