Rajasthan Man Marries A Woman Less Than Half of His Age For A “Son”


An ardent desire for a son to take care of his ancestral property led an 83-year-old man in Rajasthan to Karauli to start the second marriage with a woman who is only 30 years old.

Officials said they were not aware of the incident, which is technically a crime because the man is already married.

The wedding took place in the village of Samrada and according to witnesses residents of 12 neighboring villages were invited to attend the ceremony where all rituals were followed.

A large crowd seemed to see a smiling Sukram Bairava, dressed in all the beauty of a fiancée, riding on the horse to lead the ‘ingrate’ and marrying the younger woman of half a century.

Bairava lost his only son twenty years ago because of a critical illness, and because he has considerable property, he wanted a son to take care of her. His wife Batto has agreed to marry again in the hope that he can have a son. The couple also has two daughters who are both married.

The only purpose of this marriage is to have a son, Bairava said, while his first wife said they need a son who can watch their property, including vast land in Rajasthan and a plot in Delhi.

Because the act of Bairava is technically bigamy, which is illegal according to the law, IANS tried to contact the District Collector, but he was unreachable.

Rajnarayan Sharma, an extra district magistrate, said after questioning that the recipient was on leave while in court, but added that he would go to the village to learn more about the case…

“At the moment I am not aware of this incident,” he added and was asked to contact Zila Parishad leader Surendra Maheshwari.

M. Maheshwari also expressed his ignorance of the matter but said that he will investigate and will see how the administration can now intervene to verify the second illegal marriage, in the life of a first woman without divorce and those with a much younger woman just have a son.

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