Railway officials struggles with a goat


Railway officials can come up with suspicion of what’s going to go with the goat. There is a twist. The traveler’s work at the railway station was surrounded by a goat officers’ neck. With it, the tales that they are struggling for two days are not normal.

This Variety Katie in Mumbai has become a hot news. In the original story, a passenger was run last two days ago near the Masjid station in the city. He had a goat with him.

According to railway rules, animals should not be taken on trains. He took the goat’s go and pulled out of the station. At the same time, Ram Kapte, a teaser blocked him and asked him to tickle the ticket. He pocketed the pockets and played for a while.

The station was busy with passengers and left the goat there and never lost sight of them. Then the authorities have begun to suffer. When the goat was dropped there did not mean what to do with Tezi. It screamed big and there was nothing.

The teaser was not used for the passenger. He was taken to the luggage room to take that goat in a position where nothing else was missing. In the absence of the owner, the goat has been decided to bid the railway rules.

On Wednesday, the price was fixed at Rs 3,000 but no one came forward. Then again the auction was ready. How many railway officials have been rotating with a goat that somebody sings away from sin? Feeding and feeding the tribe is hard for you.

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