Pawan Kalyan Fans Fires On Kathi Mahesh-You Touch The Wrong Button


To give Kathi Mahesh clarity in a media debate about Pawan Kalyan’s remarks at the Janasena party meeting yesterday, Janasena’s leader says: “One should look forward to the intention of Pawan Kalyan, but not to the words”. PK’s fan asks Kathi Mahesh why he has been dragging the problem for months without putting an end to it. Kathi Mahesh said he did not drag the issue but was silent to become the victim. PK’s fan shouts on Kathi Mahesh about his comment on PK as Joker and said that he is only targeting Pawan Kalyan with a wrong idea. Gabbar Singh actor Sai reminded him that the fight is between fans and Mahesh, but not between Pawan and Mahesh ….fans words to mahesh you touch the wrong button you are speaking totally wrong about Pawan Kalyan you are a critic just do your job but don’t dare to touch the power of PK… Kathi requests Pawan Kalyan to stop getting me calls from fans

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