Padmavati film release will lead to Law And Order Problem: Yogi Government To Centre



The government of Uttar Pradesh wrote to the Secretary of State on Wednesday for Information and Broadcasting to demand that the prospects of public outrage and agitation over the Bollywood film “Padmavati” be seen as the result of an alleged distortion of historical facts before certification of the film by the Central Council for Film Certification (CBFC).

In the letter written by the State Department at home, the head of I & B was also asked to ensure that public opinion and disagreement on the issue were taken into account prior to certification of the movie.

The letter also states that it was brought to the attention of the UP government that the makers of the historical saga submitted the film for certification to the Council of Censorship.

Hostile reactions such as the portrayal of deities, shouts of slogans, vandalism, demonstrations and filing briefings take place in the letter, said the official Arvind Kumar, the best department of the homeland.

Cinema and owners of multiplexes were also threatened with disruption during the screening of the film. Arvind Kumar informed the ministry. In light of these questions, it would be relevant to raise arguments in favor of the CBFC, added the official.

The state government also pointed out that the UP would visit the polling stations of the urban bodies on November 22, 26 and 29 and that the counting of the votes will take place on December 1, which makes it a fragile period for enforcement mechanisms.

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