modi disappointed kcr


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has traveled all the way to call Modi a fascist to the Prime Minister, as the most lovable leader of the country. To Bring the Prime Minister to Telangana, KCR asked Narendra Modi nothing but love for the state of the country which is a kind of political sensation. But love is not on the expected lines Chief Minister. KCR, the prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh to come to the rescue of the Telangana government by submitting a statement in support of Telangana government in the apex court in the case of the distribution of assets held and liabilities with AP. But the center refused to help and Telangana State presented three review petitions in the past year, all three were affected by the apex court. Left with no other choice Telangana has decided to divide the assets. Telangana demanding geographic base of the division, while the Apex Court Population Ratio stressed. 36.835 crore assets of these institutions so divided, Andhra Pradesh will be 21,364 crore and Telangana will be 15,471 crore in the proportion of the population. Of over all 36,835 Crore population , buildings and land worth 28,046 crore are Telangana, particularly in Hyderabad. 3650 Crore value of the remaining assets in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh will lose about 14,000 Crore Telangana as the geographical basis of the division’s argument stands.

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