krishna river boat accident,21 people died-Vijayawada-A.P



A government official debates on camera with commercial boat driver against taking passengers onto the river Krishna. The official warns that the boat does not have permission. Agitated, he advocates and warns that passengers may not be on the boat and that other boats are available to oversee them.

Whoever recorded the Malleswara Rao video is unclear, but it proves that at least one government official tried to protect passenger safety.

Hours later, last night, hijacked the same bunch 21 people died and were almost injured in the accident that occurred about 15 miles from Vijayawada city.

The boat driver, a private company, did not have the necessary permission to transport the human messenger, said District Commissioner B. Lakshmikantham. Bump repairs were just completed and the journey that changed the disaster changed should be treated as a pilot ride without passengers on board, researchers said.
The driver is inexperienced and did not have a map for the journey he made to a spot about 12 km after levee where the rivers Krishna and Godavari meet; the confluence is highlighted Porte a breathtaking aarthi or prayer ceremony in the middle of the river.

Survivors of the tragedy, many of which were saved ports of fishermen, said that when the boat trip began, they asked for life jackets, but the driver heard that piece did not deserve the precaution.
The bureaucrat who tried to stop the boat from tourism department. Researchers are now trying to find out that one of his seniors played a role in the dance operation of the boat.

There are contradictory messages that take the root cause of the boat hijacking. A survivor said that while the bump took a bend, the plastic seats used by all passengers went to one side and the bump tilted until the driver lost the balance.

Researchers said that passengers stood up for a better view of the archipelago and that the driver could not prevent the boat from falling over.

A survivor named Lakshmi said she could not breathe to see something underwater and the boat was on top of passengers like her. “It’s a miracle that I was withdrawn alive,” she said.
Sources say the private boat service dances the secret and the partially owned team of officials of the tourism department, which could explain why it was admitted to the river.

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