The Hyderabad police have taken the sensational decision to city buycott of Mahesh, which has been in the news for some time in controversial remarks. He ordered not to come to Hyderabad without permission from the police.

Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy will make an official announcement. On Monday morning, the police commissioner of the city of Hyderabad, Anjani Kumar, DCP and senior officials met with the DGP. Recently the DGP discussed irrelevant remarks from Kathi Mahesh and Hindu charities against this. The case was registered with the Jubilee Hills police station.

Police officials have come to the conclusion that the meeting is not in favor of being in the city of Mahesh. The Task Force was handed over by the police to the police in Andhra Pradesh as part of the murder of Mahesh. Swathi Paripurnanda Swamy on Sunday called for a festive trip to Dharmagraha Yatra to protest against the rash remarks of Kathy Mahesh about Rama.

He called for a Chautuppally march to Aadi, which he called upon all Hindus to support. The police, however, refused permission for the Paripurananda swami. He was detained in his home in Jubilee Hills without leaving Perapanananda. On the other hand, actor Naga Babu and Jabardath Fame Hyper Aadhi also supported the Swamiji Paripurnanda.

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