Facebook has a big problem in Russia


Facebook has a big problem in Russia, but stock prices and business are going well

Facebook reports third quarter earnings on Wednesday, but it will not be the most interesting thing for the social giant.

Instead, he will explain to you how and why Russia could use Facebook’s quarterly Facebook numbers is likely to be overshadowed by the company’s testimony in Washington, DC, where general attorney Colin stretched for several committees of the Congress to spread false information in previous elections last year.

Facebook’s revelations around Russia are surprising. The company is expected to say today Congress at a separate hearing that the content of accounts supported by Russia over a two-year period, the largest number can reach 126 million US users. This figure is widely spread that first affirmed Facebook, and it is a bad look for a company that deals with the role it played in Donald Trump to be president.

But even if it looks bad, it does not seem to affect Facebook’s activities. Facebook’s Q3 sales are expected to be over 40 percent higher than last year and the stock is almost 45 percent higher since the election. Facebook’s advertising machine seems completely untouched by the fact that Russia could help out of ignorance.

On Wednesday, Facebook offers a chance to explain why – and how – that will not change.

Lawmakers want to maintain tighter rules for Facebook and other digital advertising companies and bill is already delayed at a time when Facebook’s revenue growth.

The company says a year that there is no need to put ads in RSS News and that are actively looking for alternative sources of income. (Instagram, so far, is the most lucrative.)

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