Actress Madhavi Latha Reacts to Rakul Preet Singh words about Casting Couch



Recently, a TV show hosted a Movie Artist Association press conference on the Telugu film industry and protesting against the indecent comments of heroines. Rakul Preet Singh, Tollywood’s top heroine participating in the protest rally on Tuesday, said people are aware of the same thing by taking such a protest. News Channels is the publish news to people, but for the TRP ratings, such comments are dirty, says actress Rakul Preet Singh.

It is true that the stories of celebrities have become a common one. The hero and the heroine are written as they like it. But the TV anchor does not believe in the first thing to talk about heroines… But again after watching the video.

Rakul said, Her parents did not hear those words because they did not understand the Telugu language. If they come to know about Telugu then what is the situation? How much of the disgrace was questioned? Believe me and put me in Hyderabad. If they know these things, what is the situation?

Most interviewers were asked me. I will tell them only about the ‘casting couch‘ in the industry (asking for a bidding). I did not trouble myself in single years in the industry. In my case, the Telugu cinema industry is not a casting quiet.

TV channels are watching by many people all over the world. Rakul Preet Singh, who was doing the worst comments about a heroine, asked what you would like to teach Young Generation to the TV channel anchor.

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