A four-year-old girl assaulted by her classmate at School-Delhi



A four-year-old girl who told her parents that she had been assaulted by her classmate at a school in Delhi, told her story to the police and a judge in the city “without changing her words or his order “.
The little girl, a student at Maxfort Private School, was hurt and injured when she returned on Friday. The next day, her parents were shocked to hear her say that a boy in his class – just five years old – had used his finger and a sharp pencil and raped her in the classroom and in a restroom.
“The boy had just finished eating, then he touched her private parts In the laundry room there was no Didi who could help her, his teacher’s classroom was not there, and here the child said that he sharpened his pencil and also inserted it, “said his mother.
The child cried at night and told her mother what had happened. “She cried a lot and went to get an ointment that I was not usually injured, Arnica, when I opened her bloomer and saw the wound, I was shocked. The signs of the attack were visible when her private area was red and swollen and when I applied ointment, she began to cry more and more pain, “said the mother.
On Monday, the girl went to school with her mother and the police and showed them where she claims she was attacked.
“My daughter showed the crime scene, pointed out that there was no teacher in the class and took the police to see how it went,” said his mother.
Her story, however, was challenged by the school, who said it was “impossible” for this incident to take place. The girl’s parents say that the negligence and lack of care of the school in the case are striking.
“I paid a bomb as tuition, then handed over my child in the hope that she was safe at school, which is considered a second home, under the care of her second mother, a teacher, only to be abandoned, “wrote the mother.
She demanded that the boy is expelled.
But three days after Friday’s attack, the school told the parents that it was safe for them to send their daughter back when the boys’ service was changed.

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