Eight young men, who closed their eyes with lust, were sexually molested by dumb. The pregnant goat forced her to participate in sex and caused her death. The incident occurred on July 25 in the village of Nuh district of Haryana. The goat’s owner complained that the complaint was against the nature of the complaint and the police registered cases against 8 people who have been murdered. Three people have already been arrested. There are five people who are missing.

According to police, there are goats for a person named Asl. On July 25, Asl discovered that one of his goats disappeared. So he started looking for it. In one place, some teenagers were sexually shocked at his goat. All of them fled there, shouting. Goat died of severe bleeding. As per the villagers’ complaint, Aslu filed a complaint to the police on July 26.

As per the complaint, three young men, Savarkar, Haroon, and Zafar, were arrested by police. There are five others who are missing. The Police Station SHHV Vipin Kumar said that all of them have been registered under the Crimes Prevention Act, 1960, as well as IPC Section 34, 377 and 429.

Vipin said that all the accused were alcoholic when they committed sexual intercourse. Vipin said that doctors had reported that the post-mortem was conducted in local veterinary hospitals. Goat samples were sent to the forensic lab in Madhuban, he said. The next steps will be taken after the forensic report.

In addition, animal lovers are angry over migrants and are angry with the young people who have caused the death. Petra India Emergency Response Co-ordinator Meet Usher demanded that they are severely punished.

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